Can't connect to edge impulse while running classify

Hi team, can you help me with this? I’m totally desprate :((
How to run edge-impulse-linux while Legacy Camera is enabled? i enable it on raspi-config.

I need to run my classify file (called
When i ENABLE Legacy camera, it can run a ‘python modelfile.eim’ command. But can’t connect to edge impulse, it said “Cannot find any webcams”.

When I DISABLE Legacy camera, it cannot run a ‘python modelfile.eim’ command, it said “cannot find any webcams”. But can connect to edge impulse, the camera also detected.

I use OV5647 Wide-angle 5MP camera module with ribbon port attach, using raspberry pi 3 and Raspi OS 64bit Full bullseye.

Please… help me team :frowning:

Project ID:
Project ID 298204

Context/Use case:
For autobilling project.

Hi @Exynosy,

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