Error when installing Edge impulse CLI on Windows 10

When I try to install the Edge Impulse CLI on my Windows 10 machine, I get an error. I’ve tried installing it from a DOS command prompt running as an administrator and have tried installing it via VS Code terminal and I keep getting the same error.

I did find this thread in the Edge Impulse forum which describes the same problem, but haven’t been able to get any details on how to set the proxy which is the suggested solution.

Any guidance would be most appreciated.
Best Regards,
Mike Boucher

hi mike
this also happened to me you just need to install the visual studio and then set it up then try it will work.

Hi Tarun,
Thank you for the feedback. I’ve got Visual Studio installed and PlatformIO installed, but when I run the command, npm install -g edge-impulse-cli, from the terminal window, I am still getting a bunch of errors. See the screenshot below.

I looked in the install log file and can see that the failure is occurring near the very end of the install process. I am new to Node.js and Python so don’t understand most of the information in the log, but I am thinking that the root of the problem has to do with trying to install the serial port package: verbose pkgid @serialport/bindings@8.0.8

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

As @shawn_edgeimpulse suggested in this post I tried uninstalling and reinstalling NPM, but i am still getting the same issue. :frowning:

Hello @mikedsp,

Can you try updating node-gyp:

npm install node-gyp@latest -g

Let me know if that works.



Hello @louis
I updated node-gyp, then tried to install edge-impulse-cli and now I am getting a different error about a Windows SDK version.

Searching on error msb8036 led me to this Microsoft page . Is it possible that the install scripts that is invoking MSBuild is passing an invalid value for the WindowsTargetPlatformVersion?

FYI - installing the latest Windows SDK as suggested in the link in the previous post did not fix the problem. Here’s the result of retrying npm install -g edge-impulse-cli --force after installing the latest SDK.

Hi @mikedsp,

Which version of Visual Studio did you install? In my experience, you have to explicitly install the 2019 version (newer versions caused errors).

Hi @shawn_edgeimpulse
Thanks for the response. I am running the most recent Visual Studio Code which is 1.76.2.

From a little internet searching, I believe that Visual Studio Code 2019 is version 1.31.

If I understand you correctly, in order to be able to complete the Edge Impulse CLI installation in VS Code, I’ll need to uninstall my current VS Code, then download and install version 1.31, correct?


Hi @mikedsp,

Yes, in my experience, you need to have exactly the 2019 (1.31) version for the CLI to work on Windows.

Hi @shawn_edgeimpulse
Well, I uninstalled VS Code 1.76 and installed version 1.31 and I am still getting the same error when I try to install the edge-impulse-cli using the following command: npm install -g edge-impulse-cli

Any other ideas?

as I already shared that you need to install visual studio, not (VS Code).
after installing Visual studio and then installing its c library then it will work.
try it out. the same problem I had faced earlier.


Hi @Tarun.ece , thank you for clarifying that its Visual Studio I need. What version did you install? I ask because I just installed the latest version (2022) of Community Edition, but I just saw there is also a 2019 version.

Also I wasn’t sure what you meant by installing the C library. I selected the C++ library option when doing the initial install. I did not see anything specific to just the C libraries.

Thanks much!

the latest version is fine.
is it working now?

Hi @Tarun.ece
Yes, after installing the latest version of Visual Studio Community Edition, I was able to successfully install the Edge Impulse CLI on my Windows machine.

Thanks very much for your help.


I also get same error
I download the Visiual Studio and add c++ & node.js library, after that what exactly i need do to install edge impulse cli
can you please describe the steps?

you can go through this video link ( Arduino TinyML Kit Tutorial #6: Gesture Controlled Led State using EdgeImpulse - YouTube ) you will understand how to setup.

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Start here to install the Node and Edge Impulse CLI in the correct order.