You can now version your projects

Ever accidentally destroyed the accuracy of a project? Have a fantastic model architecture that you want to save for later, but still want to iterate on it? The new versioning feature in the Edge Impulse studio has you covered!

Simply head to Versioning, click Store your current project version and type a commit message. This will store: 1) all your data - including labels, categories, and where the data came from, 2) your complete impulse and project configuration, 3) all blocks and all block state - this includes your fully trained ML model.

If you want to revert to a specific version, just click , click Restore, and type a new project name. We’ll then create a new project, copy all the data in, and restore the exact state of your impulse. Your current project is untouched, so don’t worry about data loss.

Also, if you have access to the enterprise version of Edge Impulse you can store all the versions for projects in your own data buckets. This means all versions are subject to your data retention policies and you’re in full control of the data. All your organization’s data buckets are automatically listed in the ‘Create a version’ screen. To add a new one, head to your organization, click Data > Buckets and enter your credentials.

Any questions or remarks, let me know here! :rocket: