We’re Giving Away 100 Arduino Portenta H7 + Vision Shields!

To celebrate the end of 2021, we purchased 100 Arduino Machine Vision Bundles as giveaways for developers worldwide who wish to join our platform and start building some of the smartest edge devices ever made. Anyone who creates an account in the month of December will be automatically entered to receive a Portenta H7 + Vision Shield, now fully supported by Edge Impulse

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Am I already have an account with Edge Impulse? How do I signing up for the give away?..

@mathijs I told a student to signup to maybe get a free Portenta and after getting a login it was not obvious how to enter the draw. Can you post an image of what it looks like, or are December logins automatically enrolled in the Portenta draw?

Not obvious how to sign up in the official rules either

Simply creating a new account automatically enters the giveaway. They’ll use a program that will randomly select 100 users who’s account were created during the entry period. Such list can be exported to various formats like .CVS etc.

Make sense?

So, since I have had my account for a while, it means I can not participate in the drawing.

Is that correct?

Yes, this giveaway is currently only available to new users!

Please stay tuned for future giveaways. :slight_smile:

I am interested in this Arduino Portenta H7 + Vision Shields to incorporate in a robotic 4 wheeled or tracked vehicle, that I’ll document and review on Hackster.IO as well as this forum


Hi @jemartel,

Winners of the Arduino Portenta giveaway will be randomly selected at the end of the month, please see the giveaway’s official rules for more information here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1olG3o5TTpeUuPzJ9PczRzssSNt5HzjNG/view

Thank you!

Yeah, I registered last Friday, so I guess I’m automatically eligible for this Portenta H7 + Vision Shields! Am I right?


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When will the winners of the Portenta H7 and Vision Shield Drawing be announced? And how will winners be notified?

We’ll be selecting the recipients shortly and notifying them via email. Stay tuned!


Might want to direct winners to this thread

Has the notifications email or list of winners gone out as of now?