So you won a PortentaH7 with Vision Shield what now?

If you are one of the 100 Edge Impulse users who won a PortentaH7 with Vision Shield you might want to install my Arduino library by searching for “Community” and installing “Portenta Pro Community Solutions” which is closely tied to my Maker100 course, which I am in the process of making an online version closely tied to a pricelist of materials. For which you already have the most important part the PortentaH7 with Vision Shield.

Although this board is not as easy as a typical Arduino to work with, it is very powerful (Dual Core, 8 MB SDRAM, Arduino MBED, 160 pins, HD connectors, blah, blah, blah ). My library has loads of examples and will improve with time as I start teaching it to my Robotics class in Feb 2022. Might be good to know other EdgeImpulse users with the Portenta so drop a reply here and say “Hi”.

A few relevant YouTube playlists I have made:

PortentaH7 Maker100

My EdgeImpulse Playlist

My really old Portenta Playlist - made in 2020

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