Visuino: Visualizing your Boards pins

Visual coding with

I just found out about Visuino which on the surface is one of those irritating visual coding programs like scratch (Other educators rave about Scratch for teaching coding, but my senior high school students get bored after about 2 days.)

Back to Visuino, I made a video and playlist here image

For advanced programmers the coding would be irritating but it has a really interesting feature where you can load a board and see all the PINS or load 2 Visuinos side by side and compare boards. (I think I will use this next time I am thinking about buying a new board. Makes it easier to compare boards of different costs. Like looking at Pin-out diagrams but object oriented)


And all objects can be expanded for more information.

or compared to other boards with another app instance side by side.

Here is the new RaspberryPi RP2040 Pico

I spoke with the designer of Visuino about including EdgeImpulse exported libraries. He had never used EdgeImpulse but seems fairly capable with Machine Learning here at

I am not sure if including Edge Impulse as a module would be fairly easy or really hard to represent as a visual component. Any opinions @janjongboom ?

Here is my reminder image of where the important Arduino information is for getting started. Bit confusing how to change boards.

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Anyone know of other, perhaps python based microcontroller code visualization projects? I just found out about the Teensy Audio one at , both Visuino and Teensy representatives have talked to me about including some Machine Learning into their Visual Code organization projects. Anyone have any opinions on this?

I personally don’t even know where to start with coding on these platforms, coming from a programming background, but I do see how many people would prefer this style of coding as about 50% of my computer Science classes have a really hard time with any type of computer programming. And these are kids who signed up for programming!