TEENSY 4.1 support

Hello community.
There is a good support for nrf52 for arduinoBLE33 form edge impulse. But I was wondering how to try out some other cortex Mx boards that are famous in the community like Adafruit Feather MO, M4 and teensy 4.1 (cortex M7 & teensy-duino platform). Because there are some gotchas and pitfalls where the arduino library will not work on these especially for teensy.
Is there are near horizon plan where the team is looking into it? Some support just beyond nano BLE 33 would be very helpful to go use other platforms and do bench-markings etc.


Hi @dattasaurabh82 the prefered way forward for these (and virtually all other) boards will be a combination of the data forwarder and the Arduino (or C++) library export. If there’s something that’s broken on the Teensy, please file a report either on the forum, or at https://github.com/edgeimpulse/inferencing-sdk-cpp/issues and we’ll have it looked at!


Hey @janjongboom.
I was thinking it would would be super great if there is also some guide on how to install the downloaded libraries in platform.io project, say for even nano33ble?

Hello @dattasaurabh82,

You can have a look at https://www.edgeimpulse.com/blog/platformio. :wink:

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Thanks for the pointer