Requirements for the project: Sheep activity tracker demo


I’m new to ML with EdgeImpulse. I just saw your video at the TTN Conference. I read through your blog post in which you described what you used to make it. Do you maybe have another blog post (or even better a tutorial) which describes how to set the LoRaWAN shield in combination with a board?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @ReneW

Glad to hear it, our companies have a long history so there are many examples to follow :grin:

Here are a few, you can also follow some of the @Rocksetta threads he does a lot of amazing projects with Lora:




A couple of questions? What continent are you on helps decide which LoRaWan might work best for you. What products do you have? I have a lot of experience with the PortentaH7 with Lorawan Vision Shield, it is not cheap but has solid abilities. I am moving to other equipment so curious what you are using or thinking of getting?

P.S. There are other uses for LoRa. I am getting fairly interested in LoRa P2P where you don’t need a gateway and using WebSerial where one of your P2P LoRa boards can connect to a computer for data presentation of the entire group.

Most of my work ends up in one of these playlists

Hello, sorry for the late reply, thanks for all this info.
@Rocksetta I’m in Europe and I was planning to use the ST IoT Discover Kit to get to know the basics at first and have the Dragino Lora Shield (here the link to it: Arduino Shield featuring LoRa® technology).