Portenta H7 camera error

Hii everyone,I have been suffering from this problem for two months and have not found a solution for it yet. Please help. Why can’t I take pictures and detect using the portenta H7 device with its vision shield, even though I have reduced the size of the model and downloaded the latest updates for the Arduino cli?

Hi @eng771.ruqaya.alaa

Can you share what version of the firmware you are working with? Also what version of the Arduino CLI and Edge Impulse CLI are installed?


General Troubleshooting -

  1. Ensure all firmware and software are up to date. GitHub - edgeimpulse/firmware-arduino-portenta-h7: Edge Impulse firmware for the Arduino Portenta H7 development board
  2. Verify that the Vision Shield is properly connected.
  3. Reduce the model size if you haven’t done so already.
  4. Check if the camera module is functional by testing with a simple example sketch from the Arduino library.

read on here Arduino Portenta H7 | Edge Impulse Documentation

Hii Eoin Thank you for your interest. I have done all the suggestions but I still get this error as shown in the picture.

I also reduced the size of the model and tested it on Arduino Nano which has much less capabilities than Portenta and it worked well during live classification