Model build error STM32 STM32Cube.AI

Whenever I try to build the model using STM32Cube.AI gives this error
*For C++ library or Arduino it’s work fine and builds the model with no error
*I use STM32Cube.AI in other project and work fine!

Hi @RashadShubita Unfortunately there are models where Cube.AI will just crash. I guess you saw Build C++ Library with STM32CubeIDE already, which works.

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Hi @janjongboom yes I saw it and it’s working fine, even I love the Cube.AI since I don’t need to add a punch of includes for C and C++ :sweat_smile: and it’s more optimized I think. so it would be nice if you and microelectronics could solve these bugs.
And thanks for your answer :cherry_blossom:
Have a good day!

and it’s more optimized I think

If you enable EON you should have models that are at least as small as in Cube.AI :slight_smile:

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Okay, thanks I already leave it enabled!

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