Failed to run impulse Cannot find any webcams

I am using Raspberry Pi 4b and the camera is a CSI camera module. When running OpenCV, the camera image can be viewed normally, proving that the camera is not damaged. But how to solve the following problem when connecting to edge pulse?
api@raspberrypi :~$edge implose Linux runner
Edge Impulse Linux runner v1.4.8
[RUN] Already have model/home/api/ei-linux-runner/models/318877/v4/model.eim not downloading
[RUN] Starting the image classifier for cqut/zhonghe (v4)
[RUN] Parameters image size 96x96 px (3 channels) classes ['face ‘,’ mask ‘,’ nose ']
[GST] Checking for/etc/os release
[RUN] Failed to run impulse Cannot find any webcams

Hi @wudiAg,

This is likely an issue with the Raspberry Pi drivers and/or new camera support. Please see the following threads for more information:

@wudiAg I had the same error and same setup I believe and I solved it by changing the permissions for video:

sudo usermod -a -G video $USER

and rebooting.