ESP32WROOM or ESP8266EX Node MCU Support

Does anyone have examples for how to integrate the ingestion APIs with the Espressif boards (e.g. ESP32WROOM or ESP8266EX)?

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@pgrepps, I haven’t tried it myself, but should be trivial if you know how to make an HTTP request on these boards.

  1. Wrap your data in the Data Acquisition format. Either construct a JSON or CBOR object yourself, or:
  2. Send HTTP request to .
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@pgrepps, I followed @janjongboom instructions and I was able to do it. I did the data acquisition and ingestion, but I still have to POST the data to the Ingestion API, which should not be a problem. I can let you know when I am done here, but meanwhile I have my example on GitHub if you are looking for a starting point.

I tested it on an ESP32-CAM, but should work with other ESP32 boards as well. My next step is probably to try sending an image from the ESP32 to the Ingestion API and try to proceed to the inference part.