Error on building with hardware acceleration rpi4

I am getting this error whenver i am trying to build with the hardware acceleration on rpi4

I also made the following changes in the makefile:

Please tell me where am I going wrong?

@prarthana out of curiosity, try without the USE_FULL_TFLITE=1 to see what happens and then

I’m about to perform the same steps with docker on rpi4 and odroid n2+ with docker.


  1. Did you get the build flags from
  2. what is your host architecture?

Hello, thanks for replying

  1. Yes I tried to build the target from the link you shared with me.
  2. I also tried without using USE_FULL_TFLITE. However, I did not get an increase in speed in my program.
  3. Secondly my host architecture is aarch64( 64 bit RPI 4 with arm v8 architecture )

@prarthana check out the solution here

@inteladata thanks, I will look in this.

Thanks, alot.