ERR:DeadlineExceeded , ways to fix this

ERR: DeadlineExceeded - Job was active longer than specified deadline Try decreasing the number of windows or reducing the number of training cycles. If the error persists then you can contact support at to increase this time limit.

So i am training a simple model with 20 epochs and 0.15 learning rate but this keeps on appearing at the end of training. Any idea on how to fix this?

Hello @MarLon4321,

From what I see in your project, you haven’t labelled your images, you would need to label them in the “Labelling Queue” tab from the “Data Acquisition” view.
Also, I increased your compute time limit which was causing your issue.



Hello Sir, how do you increase the compute time limit?

Hi @ManuelGonzalez,

Could you share more about your use case and which project ID you’d need to have more compute time?


Hi! I did send an email to ask for more compute time, and they have already helped me! Thank you very much. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, I’m having the same issue (Deadline exceeded). The project-ID is 79163

Hello @okosa20d,

I just updated your compute time limit to 60 minutes.
Your use case is cool :slight_smile:
Do not hesitate to share your project and results with the community once you are happy with it!



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Thanks Louis. I would share the project with the community.