How to trigger events in raspberry pi using AI inferences

hi! just wondering if there is a tutorial on adding an event, or trigger an event whenever the object is detected. I was working on a simple garbage sorting machine that uses AI to classify different kinds of trash and when a trash is detected, it will trigger an LED connected to the GPIO pins of the Pi. I am using raspberry pi 4 2gb with 32bit. I came across this platform 2months ago and decided to try it out since it offers no coding scenario.

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Hey @MarLon4321!

Though I have yet to be hands-on with this, here looks like a good place to start.

I imagine you can apply the same changes I made in my Arduino tutorial to this example code (around line 100).

Let us know how you get on!


And might be off help as well, shows how to trigger a text message when multiple objects are seen.


hi i already check this one out, and i am getting on how to implement this with the Pi instead of the Arduino, thanks for the reply and also for the links,

hi thank you for the reply, i already check this one out but i having a problem about the training part, i keep on getting this:
ERR: DeadlineExceeded - Job was active longer than specified deadline Try decreasing the number of windows or reducing the number of training cycles. If the error persists then you can contact support at to increase this time limit.
i hope that the limit will be increase,

Replied here: ERR:DeadlineExceeded , ways to fix this

hi got the tutorial about twilio tested it out with my model thanks for the guide


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