Endless “attached to job XXXXXXXX” in training output

as the image shows,the training output just endlessly repeat this sentence

Hi @magebarze,

This can happen when you’re waiting in line for server time (and can take a few minutes to start your job if the servers are particularly busy). Could you try again and let it run for 20+ min? Let me know if you’re still seeing the same wait message after that time.

Yes, I let him keep it running, and about 20 minutes later he told me that the program had successfully run. However, upon checking, I found that the output model had only undergone 20 rounds of training, which was the result of the last round of training before he started continuously sending “attached to…”. Additionally, restarting the training still results in the same outcome. I tried creating a new project to run this model and switched to another computer to run it, but the issue persists.

Hi @magebarze,

After chatting with our engineering team, this was a known issue and was supposedly fixed in an update yesterday. Could you try again?

hi, I encountered the same bug. Could you confirm if the current status is normal? July 2, 2024