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Hey guys, quick question, is there any chance that I, or one of the EI team, can duplicate an EI project please?

I’m wanting to adjust/reduce the dataset in my Object Detection model, but at the same time it includes hours’ worth of labelling work and I’d like to somehow preserve that work and the image data/labelling in another project if possible.

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hi @TechDevTom,

Check out You can now version your projects . You can create a version of your project followed by a restore of that version. This will duplicate your project.

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Yep versioning is easiest, alternatively you can also export (Dashboard > Export) that will include a labels file. If you upload this using the CLI it’ll automatically find that label file and apply the same labels.

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Ah thanks @mathijs and @janjongboom! I have actually versioned my project already, Version 1. I was thinking of removing images from my dataset, if I were then to version my project again, let us say to Version 2 with fewer images and labels, if I were to restore my project to Version 1 would all the removed images and labels be restored?

It’s image based, and I see that labels would be restored, but my worry is that the image files won’t be. Would I have to reupload all the images?

@TechDevTom Your full project is versioned, including all images, labels, intermediate state, etc. Removing images won’t remove them from the version.

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@janjongboom Excellent! That gives me a bit of hope then, I’ll get to modifying my current OD model, as it’s far too large. I want to create a version of it that’s for close up objects, and another for far away objects.

Is the versioning Linear, as in I have to move from version 1, then to 2 and 3 and 4, or can I make 4 versions and jump between version 1 and 4? I ask this as I may go back to version 1, which has all the data I need in it, and create other versions that have lesser data in them, for different purposes.

My versions won’t be because I’m improving things in a linear fashion, but branching out into different purposes almost.

Hey @TechDevTom, yes if you restore we put this data into a new project, so no chance of deleting anything.

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