Custom processing blocks are in preview

As you know extracting meaningful features from your data is crucial to building small and reliable machine learning models, and in Edge Impulse this is done through processing blocks. Until now these processing blocks had to be provided by Edge Impulse, but from today you can plug in your own blocks. Want to read data from a PPG sensor? Build a processing block! Want to add a bandpass filter to audio? Modify the MFCC block!

During development blocks run on your own computer / server, but we host processing blocks for enterprise customers. Also, if you built a cool block and want to contribute it, open a pull request and we’ll host the block for all developers on our infrastructure.

A tutorial guiding you through your first processing block is here: Building custom processing blocks, which also contains a link to the Edge Impulse blocks that we published, so you can easily modify them. Let us know what you build!