CSI Camera instead of USB camera

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I’m working on a person detection FOMO project and I would like to know if CSI cameras can be used alongside the linux-sdk-python GitHub repository. I’ve tried to change the source but it won’t work. The camera works well by itself, but when executing any of the repository files, it gets stuck and doesn’t display anything. Btw, I’m using a IMX-219 CSI camera. Is there any way to replace the USB camera with the CSI one?

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Hi @iker_arrizabalaga

It should work, you may need to go into raspi-config and enable the camera.

In addition to the Raspberry Pi 4 we recommend that you also add a camera and / or a microphone. Most popular USB webcams and the Camera Module work fine on the development board out of the box.

Please post the output when you try --enable-camera and --verbose

-V, --version output the version number
–model-file Specify model file, if not provided the model will be fetched from Edge Impulse
–api-key API key to authenticate with Edge Impulse (overrides current credentials)
–download Just download the model and store it on the file system
–force-target Do not autodetect the target system, but set it by hand
–clean Clear credentials
–silent Run in silent mode, don’t prompt for credentials
–quantized Download int8 quantized neural networks, rather than the float32 neural networks. These might run faster on some architectures, but have reduced
–enable-camera Always enable the camera. This flag needs to be used to get data from the microphone on some USB webcams.
–dev List development servers, alternatively you can use the EI_HOST environmental variable to specify the Edge Impulse instance.
–verbose Enable debug logs
-h, --help output usage information



Hi @Eoin,

I forgot to mention that I’m using a Jetson Nano to deploy my object detection model. Thanks for your fast ressponse btw. Should this steps work on a Jetson Nano?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes it will for the camera, but you will need to follow the Jetson Nano doc: