Collecting data from GPS and gyroscope on mobile phone


I just tried the option to connect smartphone and collect accelerometer data. It’s so quick and easy, fantastic!
Will you add option to collect data from GPS and gyroscope on smartphone?


Hi @Dominik, gyro is a good idea indeed - will add a tracking bug. What would you be doing with GPS here? It’s hard to do anything ML related on it.

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Hi @janjongboom,
Thanks for taking this into consideration.

I would like to collect gyro, accelerometer and GPS data for training only. Actually I would process GPS data to get route (distance and shape without location). For inference I wouldn’t use GPS. I would like to try create a model which based on gyro and accel data would produce route.

I think it would make sense to have option for collecting any kind of data from smartphone (gyro, GPS, magnetometer). I don’t think that you and me can predict all ideas other people will have :slight_smile:

Hi @janjongboom. Will it be possible to combine inputs from both acc and gyro at data collection time? Edge Impulse is awesome! :slight_smile:

Yes definitely, check out Jan’s answers for audio + motion sensor fusion here: How to recogonize voice and motion in the same time?

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And this example on doing sensor fusion:

@sergi is currently working on adding gyro support to the mobile client as well.