CLI tools install fails

CLI Tools fails to download, see attached screenshots.

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Context/Use case:
Installing CLI tools to use edge impulse with a grove vision ai module

Hi @ncharlesw1,

It looks like much of the error message was cut off in your screenshot. Could you copy and paste the entire installation log and error message? That will help us troubleshoot the issue with you. From my experience with installing the CLI tools on Windows, you likely need to uninstall and reinstall node.js and reinstall the Edge Impulse CLI. Please refer to the following threads to see if any of the solutions presented there help resolve the issue:

Sorry, here is the full screenshot form the command prompt

Hi @ncharlesw1,

It looks like you are using Node.js v18 and Visual Studio 2022. In my experience, you need exactly Node.js v14 and Visual Studio 2019. I recommend installing those and reinstalling the Edge Impulse CLI to see if that works.

The solution was to remove python 3.12 and install python 3.9.13. After doing that I was able install the CLI no problem.


Hi, after installing CLI thru the command prompt, I get a message that ‘this app can’t run on your pc’
Please help

Hi @Cool3,

Can you post a screenshot of where you are seeing that message? I have not encountered that before, so I’m wondering if it’s an incompatibility issue with a particular terminal program. Also, what operating system are you using?