Arduino Nano BLE Sense + OV7670 camera module

There are following queries (I could not get around even after reading 3-4 blogs) :slight_smile:

  1. Pin Diagram for OV7670 , only for last two pins ? The example in document section is on OV7675.
  • After connecting camera with BLE sense and configuring BLE for capturing data inside Edge Impluse Studio, sensor option does not show camera value ? Any tweaks need to be done to get camera sensor values inside studio ?T

Thanking you in advanc.

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Hello @atyadav,

Unfortunately, I don’t have an OV7670.
However, I think @Rocksetta managed to make it work some time ago on the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense:
Ov7670 Cam with Nano33BLE(Sense) or Person detection model

@Rocksetta, if you have any hints for @atyadav, that’d be helpful :slight_smile: !



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@louis thanks for pointing out that thread. That was not making sense to me yesterday , as my knowledge was limited, now started making sense. ( I managed to make OV7670 + BLE work together)
@Rocksetta , just couple of questions -

Thanking you in advance.

Hi atyadav,

I did an simple image classification project with using ov7670 and arduino ble sense. Let me tell you from what I did.

I actually flashed the edge impulse firmware mentioned in this doc ( ). Then I connected the device to my project and captured images from device in the data acquisition tab.

I downloaded the arduino library from the deployment tab and included the library in arduino ide. Then in examples you can find the nano_ble_sense_camera project which you can make modifications as needed.

Hope you find this useful.

Ramson Jehu K


Actually when I connected BLE sense with Camera module, data acquisition tab was not showing me option for Camera / Image as sensor data. Do you know anything specific being done ? It was only showing inbuilt sensor options.

Please check the connection of the camera with arduino using the following ;

OV7670 Arduino Nano
3.3 V 3.3V
D7 D4
D6 D6
D5 D5
D4 D3
D3 D2
D2 RX0
D1 TX0
D0 D10
3.3V 3.3V

Then, run the example code in arduino ide and check if that works and then you can start integrating with edge impulse.
Refer the link below for example, NOTE: Please ignore the pin connection in the blog.

Let me know if that works.

Thanks and Regards,
Ramson Jehu K

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Hi @atyadav, to add to the description from @Ramson, the firmware for the camera integration is based on the Tiny ML shield from Arduino:

@atyadav Hi Atul. Sorry for this but I faded from using the Nano33BleSense with the OV7607 as it was just too frustrating, (wires coming out or the breadboard, and poor support here) low resolution 48x48 and slow. Full color on an Arduino is really pushing it’s limits. I am much happier now with the PortentaH7 with vision shield Grayscale and 96x96 resolution. Fast and capable.


Thanks for your feedback, shall try Raspberry Pi instead. Much comfortable for me to do my PoC :slight_smile: