Arduino nano 33 ble sense cough detection

hello i made a cough detection code on the Arduino nano 33 ble sense following this tutorial

my problem with this code is that it only works on arduino nano 33 ble sense older and less reliable version and i was wondering if it was possible to make it run on newer versions of the board something like version 1.3.2.

Hi @nomadtechno this should compile as-is with the 1.3.2 Arduino core. What errors do you see?

Hi @janjongboom thank you for making this wonderful program it has a lot of potential and versatility, thinking about the various ways it can be used is just staggering the industry really needs more people like you.

and about the Cough detection program it sadly does not compile on anything above arduino core 1.1.4. when ever i tried to it gave me an error called “The Filename or extension is too long” its apparently a windows error, i can bypass this issue on 1.1.4 with the method on this site

the website also says the issue is fixed on Arduino ide 1.9, but i tried and it gave me the same error of “The Filename or extension is too long”

@nomadtechno People on the forum have noted that this is fixed in the Arduino IDE 2. See Arduino IDE 2.0 beta Hope this helps!