Annotating time-series data with individual events: How to handle specific movements within the data?

I have a question regarding annotating time-series data with individual events. I have a collection of time-series data where I need to annotate a sample that contains a certain movement of an IMU, for example, walking with a jump during the walking.

I have the time series data in a CSV file, and the start and end of the jump are in a JSON file. I understand how to upload and annotate a sample that defines a certain pattern as a whole, as shown in the introduction tutorials. However, I’m not sure how to annotate a sample with a specific movement like this.

Should I cut everything that is not the jump and only upload the jump as individual files, tagging them as a jump? Or is there a better way to handle this situation? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Context/Use case:

The Studio requires one Sample per CSV see this. So I would arbitrarily divide your data into x second Samples, use a filename that refelects the Sample class. The non-jump Samples still have value and can be labeled “noise” or just upload them without a label and they will go into the Background Class. The Sample length chosen for x should be long enuf to capture and Sample Class. If the Samples are shorter that is ok since the Studio will pad them.

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