Word spotting project


I’m new to Edge Impulse and voice recognition.
I’m part of a project about a voice recognition product.
The basic idea is that the device listens for a word (just one word each time) and shows that word on a display. The device should be able to recognize 250 words at least (the more the better), in one language only (English or Spanish).
I have some questions:

  1. The more spot words, the more memory requirement?
  2. Is 120Mhz, 1MB Flash, 256KB of RAM memory (some Cortex M4 microcontrollers) enough for 250/500 words or should I use a more powerful microcontroller?
  3. Would be necessary to train the model for each word? What about different voices (man, woman, kids)?
  4. What is the cost of using that library for a commercial product?

Thank you!

Hello @palmering,

I replied here: