Word Recognition on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense

I am running a voice recognition impulse on my BLE 33 Sense to switch between different sensor readings and printing them to Serial. I have come across a bug that occurs with the Arduino_HTS221 Library. When the program initially runs the first time, the temperature and humidity readings are significantly off of what they actually are. Humidity always reads zero and temperature is usually 20-30 degrees below the actual temperature. Upon pressing the reset button on the Arduino, the issue completely goes away and the readings are correct. Unplugging and replugging the board causes the issue to come back until the reset button is pressed. I am not sure what is causing this bug and why the resetting the board while plugged in completely removes it.

Here is a link to the code that I am running on the board:

Hi @phowe12, thanks for reporting but I think a better place would be the Arduino forums for this - The HTS221 library is not maintained by us and Iā€™m not familiar with the part myself.

Fair enough, I will put a post up on the Arduino forums as well. I figured I would ask here since the issue only seems to occur when used with the Arduino library created to run the voice recognition impulse.

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