Why my post has been hidden?

Hello there,

Recently I posted a query on this thread- https://forum.edgeimpulse.com/t/akismet-has-temporarily-hidden-your-post/11718

Screenshot (56)

After few minutes, I got a notification that left me disappointed as my post has been Hidden. I don’t know what is the reason behind it but I didn’t do anything wrong that violate community guideline. As a professional, I respect community guideline and make useful contribution to help community members. As my query is genuine and I really need a quick solution to that and I don’t think there is better platform than this to solve my query.

Kindly have a look at my post and make it live again.

Hi @leni,

We use Akismet to automatically identify and flag potential spam posts. Sometimes it can be overly aggressive, resulting in some false positives. It usually takes us 1-2 days to review and approve posts that are actually OK. I have approved your post.