What is uuid for API calls?

Attempting to use the Get JWT token API call as described here: Edge Impulse API - Edge Impulse API
But I keep getting back this failure,

    "success": false,
    "error": "User evaluate-uuid_val@edgeimpulse.net not found"

What is the uuid value I need to use? and how do I find it?

Thank you!

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Hello @SethW,

I changed your screenshot because your password was displayed clearly :confused:

I am having a look at your questions later today.



In your headers, can you set the key/value:

x-api-key: ei_...
You can get the ei_… api key from your project’s dashboard by going to the API Key section (top navigation tabs).

And in your body, just set your username and password it should work.



Hey @louis ,

Thanks for censoring that password (it was my old one but still important to keep safe).

I was able to get the JWT token by taking out the uuid and ssoType lines.

Thank you!

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