What is the maximum frequency for the Data Forwarder

Hello, I was reading the documentation for the data forwarder. It said that it supports collecting data but only at relatively low frequencies. My question is, what is the upper limit for the frequency? As for the context, I’m trying to classify gestures using a sensor glove that I built with flex sensors hooked up to the analog pins of an onboard Arduino Nano 33 IoT. It’s pretty easy to collect accelerometer data, but I’m slightly concerned about collecting the data from the flex sensors.


Hello @old_chicken,

I was speaking with @Arjan this week about it and I actually had the same question.
If I remember well his response I think you can go up to 8kHz. @Arjan, can you confirm?




Thanks for the reply, that’s good to know!


Depends a bit on how your machine handles serial data. But I’ve seen 8 kHz working on MAC, Linux and Windows.

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