What is a job exaclty?

Hello team,

I am a university student and studying about Edge Impulse for my thesis.

I want to know what exactly are jobs in edge impulse, so i can understand the 20 minutes limit in developer edition and use it as efficiently as i can.

Thanks & Regards,
Nick Traptsionis

Hello @nick_traptsionis,

That is actually a good question and I wonder why it has not been asked before here :slight_smile:

A job a simply a process or a dedicated task that you launch. Most of the actions that you will do on the studio will launch a background process on our servers.

Usually the jobs that consume the more resources are the feature extraction (generating features from the raw data using a pre-processing block) and the model training.

For the developer edition, we limit the jobs compute time to 20 min.
You can launch as many jobs as you want they just have to run within 20 minutes.

Let me know if you need further explanations.



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