What are the `type` parameter options in the API?

I’m using the jobs/build-ondevice-model and deployment/download APIs to build and download an impulse. Ideally I’d like to replicate what happens when I create the C++ library in Studio, but in the docs it isn’t clear what type parameter I should be supplying since it’s just a string. Any ideas?

Hi @roblauer,

You can use type=zip to get the C++ library.
I’ll check if we can add a helper for the type parameter.


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I have created an internal ticket to add the helpers few days ago.
In the meantime, the type field can be found by inspecting the deployment block in studio under data-format (example with Cube MX CMSIS-PACK here but for C++ library it is going to be zip as Aurelien said):


Works perfectly, thank you!