WASM with WebSerial

So is anyone interested in combining Edgeimpulse deployment WASM with WebSerial?

That is my next project and it opens up some interesting educational advantages for teaching Machine Learning. Most students own a very powerful cell phone or laptop and can do some basic webpage Javascript while WebSerial allows any device to have a serial connection to any/most desktop or cell phone WebSerial does need a special cable to connect a device to a cell phone but for a laptop it is the normal connector.

My WebSerial site is here github here.

My WASM site is here github here.

Sorry this stuff is all raw research and is not yet very easier to understand.

I will put my simplified results on my new Maker101 course with the WASM-Webserial Github here. (Might take a while)

Image of WASM from a cell phone no webSerial yet.