Using STM32L432KC

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I’m wondering if there is a way to use the library generated with edge impulse for voice recognition with an STM32L432KC.
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Yes, just export as C++ Library or STM32Cube.AI pack and that gives you a library that will run on the target. You’ll need to hook up your microphone but I’d recommend reading through as a start, once you’ve that working connecting the sensor is not a lot of work.

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@Saidane as @janjongboom mentioned, you can definitely run Edge Impulse C++ libraries on most other STM32 parts (I think they need to be Cortex-M4 or better/more powerful, though). I love the L432KC–it’s my favorite Nucleo right now. I put together a demo (and guide) on how to run an Edge Impulse library on it here: Hope it helps!

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@ShawnHymel thank you for your help :slight_smile: .

@ShawnHymel thank you for the work you have done with STM32L432KC, i really appreciate.
In my case i want to use the Microphone Amplifier with AGC and Low-Noise Microphone Bias MAX9814, I will try to make the necessary changes.

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@Saidane Glad it helps! Let me know if you get the AGC microphone working–I have been wanting to do AGC with the project I listed but haven’t had time. My thought was to use a basic I2S microphone and then implement per-channel energy normalization (PCEN) as per this paper (

@ShawnHymel Thank you for your encouragement. I’m also wondering if you know how to implement a library generated with Edge Impulse via Mbed on a STM32L432KC and ADA3421.
Thank you in advance.

@Saidane I don’t know mbed very well, so I won’t be able to help here, sorry! I imagine that you’d be able to import the C++ library and just make calls to any of the available functions in the library. I just don’t know how you link stuff in whatever mbed build system you’re using (online IDE, mbed IDE, PlatformIO, etc.).

@Saldane your best bet would be to find a driver for the ADA3421 and making sure you can capture audio from it. Afterwards hooking it up to the inferencing library is straightforward.