Using our Smart Insoles to detect User Weight

Here’s a quick video showing how we used Edge Impulse to create a model that takes our Smart Insole’s pressure data and generates an estimate of a user’s weight in kilograms. Here’s a link to the Project. The model so far isn’t perfect but over time we’ll add more data and play with the parameters.

We made a simple webpage on Glitch (source code) where users can connect our to Smart Insole (via Web Bluetooth) and a Wii Balance Board (via WebHID) for labelling the data. They can then stream the data (in the Data Acquisition Format) to our Edge Impulse Project using the Ingestion Service, allowing users to upload training/testing data, as well as test the existing model via the “Live Classification” page.

Just wanted to say thanks for being a simple yet powerful solution!


Hi @zakaton, I saw the video already on LinkedIn or Twitter this morning (I guess @artiebeavis shared that already on our channels), but really cool work!

The video link in your post doesn’t work though, links to an unavailable tweet!

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whoops - edited the post with the correct tweet