Using my own collected raw data

Is thre any guidelines on how to use my pre-collected raw data instead of the recording new data.
I am anticipating using the 15000-20000 audio clips that I have already.
The Data Acquisition page doesn’t offer any such option!

Hi @ahmedkhalaf1,

You can use the ‘edge-impulse-uploader’ CLI to upload existing data to your project. Please find the relevant documentation here. Currently it is not possible to upload existing data directly from the ‘data acquisition’ page.

Please let us know if you require any further assistance!

Best regards,

Hi Mathijs,

Thanks for resetting the replies rate limit! I appreciate your help.

As for the data that I will upload, it is not going to be shared with others, including edge-impulse people, right?

I don’t want to share my data with anyone!

@ahmedkhalaf1 This is not shared with anyone without your consent, but data will be stored in multiple places, including in our cold storage, and in our encrypted backups.