Using existing downloaded model without authenticating

When I try to run command - edge-impulse-linux-runner when I am not connected to internet.It tries to authenticate with Edge Impulse Studio.
Though I have already downloaded model on my Raspberry Pi.
May I know how this can be disabled so classification would work offline ?
Thanking you,
Atul Yadav

Hi @atyadav,

All models are stored in ~/.ei-linux-runner/models/ (under your project ID), and you can use these without internet via e.g.:

$ edge-impulse-linux-runner --model-file ~/.ei-linux-runner/models/6321/v15/runner-linux-armv7

Normally it does the check with the API to see if there’s a new model version available - but you override it like that ^

Or in the future do this once:

$ edge-impulse-linux-runner --download myfile.eim

Then run with:

$ edge-impulse-linux-runner --model-file myfile.eim

Thanks @janjongboom for your help.

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