Using EdgeImplulse-> CreateImpulse missing sub menu options

CreateImpulse - Screen Shot|690x388](upload://ozEHWac7yHCz7IL2G8nSy8owSm1.jpeg)

I studied Introduction to ML with Cursera and experience Edge Impulse for the first time.
I clicked “Design Impulse”, “Create Impulse” added, but as I added successesfuly “Proccessing Blocks” as well as “Learning Block” “Spectral Impulse” and “NN Classifier” did not added as expected. So I am not able to do any further operations that relate to it.

What should I do to get it?

Hi @gr1947,

The “NN Classifier” block that you saw in the course has been renamed to “Classification (Keras).” That block will work exactly the same. Hope that helps!