Using classification to trigger GPIO output on Raspberry Pi 4

I have started to use Edge Impulse for live object classification for the Raspberry Pi 4. I want to use the classification to trigger a GPIO output to turn on LED’s and trigger a value switch. I have already created the code for the GPIO in Python but I want to integrate my Edge Impulse model into that program. I have started to read about installing the Edge Impulse runner and the Python SDK. I even found there example code that is on there github page here: linux-sdk-python/ at master · edgeimpulse/linux-sdk-python · GitHub. When I use this example code though I doesn’t work. I want to know I what I want to achieve is possible and help on doing creating this program.

Hi @Jperndreca,

Can you provide more details about what part of the example code is not working? What error messages are you seeing? That will help us troubleshoot the issue.

Also, are you doing object detection or image classification?