Use in browser on iPhone or Andriod


I’m considering a project with edge impuls but I’m not sure if what I need can be done with the features of Edge Impuls. I’m looking to build an object recognizing system that runs in the browser locally and is able to load different models by providing a link to a pre-trained model that is specialized in recognizing certain objects. The models must be able to run locally on both Android and iPhone.

Is this feasible and how difficult would this be? How much coding would there be required to achieve this? I’m not a seasoned coder.


Hi @Joe_Swag

You can run the project on your phone in the browser from a QR code:

Building an app will require a fair amount of dedication to the specific web/mobile tooling (as with any web/mobile app), but its well worth doing if you have a goal!

if you are doing this commercially contact our sales via the appropriate tier: Pricing



Thank you for your response. This would be a commercial product. Is there a module that can be fitted into a div block and is similar to the test screen that you can load on your phone? I saw this in one of your video tutorials. I was hoping it would be just as easy to implement the object recognition tool into a mobile website.

I still would like to know if it is possible to load in different datasets through files.