Use Edge Impulse API to download WebAssembly build

Is it possible to use the Edge Impulse API to download the WebAssembly build ?

I have looked at

and guessed that this command can be used but I don’t know what I need to specify as type.

I found it : type = wasm
so it must start with:

curl --request  GET --url
  1. It would be good to document this also.

  2. It also would be good to mention explicitly the “PROJECT_ID” when consulting the project info dashboard.

I could figure out the project ID only thanks to below forum comment:

Hey @janvda, note that the options are rendered in the docs:

It would indeed be useful to show the project ID on e.g. the dashboard, will create a ticket!

This is now live:


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Indeed, I overlooked it. I need some more sleep :slight_smile:

Thanks also for adding the project ID !