Use Arduino BLE 33, to test still angle of it

Question/Issue: I’m new to ML. Tried test put BLE 33 in 4 different position, 0, 45, 90, 180 degree to flat table surface. Each angle tried 20, so total 80 samples. Go through all the process to get a model. But the result is quite bad. From my side, it looks so obviously x,y,z value, but why the result is so bad? What I did wrong?

Thank you !

**Project ID:**135606

Context/Use case:

Hi @jy3023,

This project doesn’t seem to exist. Have you deleted it by chance?


Hi Aurel, I see the project still there and made public. Project Name: angle_ble
, Project ID 135606


Found it (it was 135605 actually). I see that you are using a spectral features block but your data is constant, no specific frequency can be extracted from your samples.
I would suggest using a Raw or Flatten block instead.


Thank you Aurel, seems my project is lost, I can not see it anymore in my dashboard, please help. thank you!

Strange, it is still in your list of projects. Can you try this direct link?

Thank you Aurel, everything works well now.

Hi Aurel, I tried Flatten block, but the result is still not nice, could you help to check, thanks

Hi Aurel, is there you see anything I did wrong, or this type of application is not good for machine learning? Thanks

I still see the spectral features in your project. Can you point me out to your project with the Flatten block? Also can you try with the Raw block as well?