Uploading CSV Data to Edge Impulse

Hello team,
please I am getting this error. How can I convert the timestamp to ISO 8601 format for full timestamps. Or is there any alternative approach. Thank you

First we need to know what the timestamp 60515.8885 represents so that we might convert it?

Perhaps 60515.8885 represents seconds(?). If so, select the radio button Time Elapsed in Seconds.


It is not clear to me if this is from a sensor. If so, what is the sample rate? Maybe you can build up the time attribute from the sample rate.

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Also you can mark as not timestamped and then change the frequency to per second if it is in seconds.

Many thanks for your response.

The timestamps are in seconds with 0 being some point in the path. The marker timestamps are the same, they are in seconds relative to the same point at 0 time.

Many thanks for your response.

Its from EEG headset. And Data from this headset was sampled at 300 Hz.

Many thanks for your response.