Uploader doesn't delete image files completely

I uploaded about 400 images and put them into two “labels”. I then wanted to delete them later because some had changed… so I deleted them all (EI showed me there were no images) and then uploaded a new 400 that had the same names.

Edge Impulse wouldn’t upload all of the new 400 images for some reason. Even though I had deleted the “old” 4000. I tried repeatedly but got errors.

So I deleted the entire project and started a new one and uploaded my new 400 images.

Hello @sarakubik,

Did you make sure you also deleted the images under the Test Dataset in the Data Acquisition menu?
Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 09.42.45

You also have the option to delete all the data in your project under the Dashboard menu? (Maybe it is what you did?)
Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 09.43.34

Please let me know so I can investigate further.

Best regards,