Uploaded data? Now have lots of labels? Read this!


When uploading data through the uploader or through the CLI we automatically guess the label for your data based on the filename, e.g. wave.11.cbor becomes label wave. Unfortunately in the past week we introduced a bug that broke this behavior and rather turned this into label wave.11. This can lead to a lot of unique labels, which is naturally not so great.

This has now been fixed for new uploads, but if you’re affected by this you can:

  • If you still have the source data, you can delete all data in your project via Dashboard > Delete all data and reupload.
  • You can export your data via Dashboard > Export, change the file names yourself, and reupload.
  • Or, If you want us to fix the problem for you, please email me directly at jan@edgeimpulse.com and indicate how you want the labels in your project fixed. We’ll then fix this by hand.


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