Upload FFT training data

I want upload FFT data manually to Edge impulse ingestion service using the https://docs.edgeimpulse.com/reference#data-acquisition-format using python. How should I set the fields “interval_ms” and “values” field of the “data” python list.

@paulphilip I’d set:

  1. interval_ms to the interval between FFT readings (e.g. 1000 for 1 second).
  2. axes for all the features you extracted from the FFT. E.g. if you have the raw 128 length FFT output create 128 axes here.
  3. values to be an array of arrays with one line per reading (so every second), and then the 128 FFT features.

For a processing block then choose Raw data to not re-do the FFT again.

Thanks for the update. I would like to know how the amplitude and phase information will be encoded in values field ie does it support complex numbers?

There’s not really anything around that in Edge Impulse at the moment, I’m converting everything to real numbers after FFT now.