Upload Data failure

I have 6000 sound bites of 4 classes that are each 1 second long in wav format. I created them on my computer and tried to upload them to my project. I used the Upload Data window to do this. The first class of 1500 files uploaded fine. The second class of 1500 files stopped uploading after 468 files. There was no error message, files just quit uploading. I refreshed my safari browser and tried uploading again. The Upload output window opened indicating the number of files to upload but nothing else happened. I’ve closed the browser tab and restarted Edge Impulse and tried loading the other classes of data without success. In all cases the Upload output window opens and indicates the number of files to upload but does nothing further. Any ideas what’s going on?

Since the above post, I deleted the project and created a new project. I successfully uploaded the first 1500 samples of one class but could not load any of the other classes. As I mentioned above, the Upload output window comes up, states that is uploading files but nothing happens. I again deleted the project and created a new project. I combined all the samples into one directory of 6000 samples. When I tried to upload these 6000 samples at once, the Upload output window opens and states that it is uploading 6000 files but nothing happens. Is there some limit on the number of files I can upload? Any ideas about this problem?

Hi @sailorjohn,

Apologies for the delayed reply, have you resolved your issue? Some browsers limit the number of files that can be uploaded via the web GUI. You may also try directly uploading your files via the Edge Impulse CLI directly from your local computer rather than using the web browser, more information about the CLI can be viewed here: https://docs.edgeimpulse.com/docs/cli-uploader


Thanks Jenny. I used CLI to upload the files using a PC running Windows 10. One-hundred and four files, about 2%, failed to upload. The files that failed are from all four classes with no obvious pattern. Is this number of failures common? Any suggestions?

Hi @sailorjohn,

Could it be that those 2% of files are exact duplicates of files that were previously uploaded?