Upload data errors

What does this error mean about my audio data?

Hi, where did you get the files from, maybe it’s in the header?

you can send some files from not uploaded i will look

These files are recorded by the microphone i design. I can not upload cause the file is .wav format. How could i send you.


send, I will definitely look and if you can write the code, I think you are not creating the correct header

Thanks a lot. I have send some audio files to your email.

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I looked, I think the matter is in the header of the wav file, it describes how the header should be, check it in your code, I took the recordings, opened them in the Audacity program and then made an export and everything loaded.


Hi @norik.badalyan ,
Could you tell me how to upload the error wav files in details

@y1165949971 This tutorial shows how to upload WAV files to the EdgeImpulse Studio.