Upload data & bounding_boxes.labels

Question/Issue: i label the image outside the edgeimpulse, but when i upload labeled image into the edgeimpulse, the position of the label is not right

**Project ID:**189203

Context/Use case:

Hello @549341655,

Have you used the center of the object instead of the top-left corner as your x and y?
Looking at the photo the issue seems to come from that.

If that’s the case, a patch should not be too hard to create.
Just do something like:
x = x - width/2
y = y - height/2

Also, I’d be happy to know with external tool have you used. I’ve been trying a few lately but I’m curious about what others are using :slight_smile:



i have solved this problem. I exported the dataset from the other website called RoboFlow, i used that to annotate my dataset. The key point was that i exported dataset as CreateML format which was really confuse me after importing into the edgeImpulse. I tried to exported as COCO format, then i solved this problem.

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