Updated TensorFlow Lite, CMSIS-NN, ARC DSP kernels

Hi all,

We’ve upgraded both the EON Compiler and our SDK with a more recent version of TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers, and have pulled in the latest CMSIS and ARC DSP libraries. We’ve ran very extensive testing on all fully supported development boards (all in all this process took 2 months, including many patches to upstream libraries to get stable again) but if you use a different board and see any weird issues, compilation errors etc. please reply in this thread (or open a new one), so we can get that fixed.

The greatest win is improved performance (and some new kernels supported). E.g. on the Sony Spresense we saw a 30% increase in performance when classifying images. Truly amazing work by the CMSIS-NN team in getting that sort of performance increase in :slight_smile:

Want to get the new kernels? Just go to Deployment in the Studio and export your project. You’ll get the latest changes automatically.