Unsupported Type while training

While trying to train, I’ve got the following:
ValueError: Attempt to convert a value ({‘sampleId’: 123684157, ‘boundingBoxes’: [{‘label’: 1, ‘x’: 12, ‘y’: 38, ‘w’: 10, ‘h’: 29}, {‘label’: 2, ‘x’: 19, ‘y’: 48, ‘w’: 8, ‘h’: 21}]}) with an unsupported type (<class ‘dict’>) to a Tensor.
Application exited with code 1

I checked that I labels only 2 classes and this is what i see in the details. Not sure what that messages says and how to solve/train?

Project ID:

Context/Use case:
Train for object detection of 2 classes. I’m using a tiny dataset of less than ~200 images, just to test this feature before the actual large training process.

Please your help,

Hi @tamir,

It’s interesting as your dataset is setup for object detection but you have a classification block in your learning model. I switched your block to object detection and it’s all good now (FYI you can also use MobileNet SSD model with 320x320px images if your target is a CPU/GPU type).

By chance could you confirm if you first created a classification model, and then switched to object detection? It’s something we should caught in the UI.


Thanks @aurel !
Yes, I can confirm that I started with a Classification project and only later switched to Detection.
What I missed? Where is the place that I should change that block?
In addition, when i’m trying to check the EON Tuner feature, I get an error that maybe related to the same issue:
“An error occurred during the last EON Tuner run: Labelling method ‘object detection’ not currently supported”
Is that related?

It’s something we should detect to prevent the error, I’ll open a ticket on our side.
After switching to object detection, the Transfer Learning block should have been removed and then replaced by the Object Detection one.

Regarding the EON Tuner, it is actually not supporting object detection.


Thanks @aurel !
You answered all my questions and all solved.
I appreciate your help.